Iran China Chamber Of Commerce


Considering the growing economy of China and the necessity for closer ties among Iranian and Chinese companies, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines had long intended to take more proper steps towards further enhancement of trade relations with China through foundation of a systematic organization. On this account and based upon signing MOU’s with Chinese counterparts (CCPIT), measures adopted for establishment of Iran-China Business Council on September 15,2001. Holding General meeting on December 30, 2001. The Council’s founding assembly ratified the Articles of Association and The Council started its activities, having been registered as No.156 at Iran Chamber of Commerce.
At first, the Council started with 65 members. But due to its great accomplishment, the Council was regarded by Iran Chamber of Commerce, which approved the Council be changed into a Chamber, and the issue was raised in Extraordinary General Assembly of the Council on January 12,2002.
Now, ICCCI is the biggest Chamber of Commerce in Iran. And has more than 7000 Iranian and Chinese members.

Board of Directors:

Board of directors of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce is:

Mr. Majidreza Hariri: President​

Mr. Mehdi Changizi Ashtiani: Senior Vice President

Mr. Mostafa Maleki Tehrani: Junior Vice President

Mr. Yousef Bapiri: Treasurer

Mrs. Roya Vaziri: Board Member

Mr. Afshin Amini: Board Member

Mr. Farhad Mansoubi: Board member

Mr. Saeed Eshtiaghi: Board Member

Mr. Bahram Maleki Delarestaghi: Board Member

Mr. Meysam Saniei Far: Auditor

Aims & Missions

Iran-China Chamber of Commerce is a non-trade, non-profit organization established to promote trade, economic and industrial relations between Iran and China, having no profiting aims. Objectives of the Chamber are:

– Compiling and surveying statistics and other fruitful information regarding trade, industrial and economic affairs of the two countries; providing Iranian and Chinese interested parties with such information and cooperating with authorized organizations and officials of the two countries in accomplishing activities, which encourage trade, economic and industrial relations between Iran and China.
– Endeavoring to develop contacts and materialize the viewpoints of Iranian and Chinese businessmen and industrialists in trade and industrial fields.
– Studying the grounds to be prepared for industrial and trade investment in both countries, participating in organization of exhibitions, markets and other similar events, approved by authorized sources of the two countries and rendering assistance to institutes, organizations, legal and real entities of the two countries, who are interested in participation in such exhibitions, bazaars and other similar events approved by Iranian and Chinese authorized officials.
– Encourage the exchange of trade and industrial delegations and promotion of economic ties between Iran and China.
– Holding seminars, lectures, conferences and meetings over issues related to trade, enhancement of industrial and economic ties and transfer of technology between the two countries.
– Publishing an informative bulletin on development of economic and industrial relations, as well as techno-engineering services between Iran and China, including trade and industrial rules and regulations, issues of mutual interest, and software booklets and bulletins, having got the necessary permit.
– Settling trade, economic and industrial disputes among Iranian and Chinese real and legal entities through arbitration of the two countries’ Chambers of Commerce.
– Rendering assistance in getting visa.
– Other measures necessary for the achievement of the mentioned goals.