Iran is world’s 2nd largest dates producer: Businessman

The chairman of the National Date Association of Iran has said that the country is currently the second largest producer of dates in the world.

Mohsen Rashid Farrokhi told reporters at a press conference held in Tehran on Monday that dates export can add some $1 billion to Iran’s hard currency revenues. 

According to the official, exports of dates generated some $400 million for Iran in the previous Iranian year (ending on  March 20, 2023).

Last year, 1.3 million metric tons (mt) of dates were produced in Iran, the official said, adding that between 20% to 30% of Iran’s domestic dates production is exported to other countries.

He further referred to the United States and China as the two biggest importers of the Iranian dates.

According to remarks of Rashid Farrokhi, the dates production sector in Iran has created some 1.5 million direct and 4 million indirect jobs.