Tehran to host Petrotech 2023 conference in late December

The second edition of the conference and exhibition of technology management of knowledge-based products in Iran’s oil industry (Petrotech 2023) is going to be held in late December, Shana reported.

The event is going to be organized by the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) in collaboration with the Oil Ministry and the country’s major oil companies on the occasion of the Research Week.

Petrotech aims to provide the country’s knowledge-based companies with a platform to get familiar with each other and with the needs of the industry.

In this regard, Azim Kalantari-Asl, head of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry and executive secretary of the event, said: “In the year of curbing inflation and production growth, we have been witnessing the flourishing of the knowledge-based oil industry and greater attention of this huge industry to conducting applied research has resulted in innovative products and technological services.”

All these new achievements will be showcased at the Petrotech event, he added.

In this year’s event, the exhibition area of the event will be grander, and specialized meetings are planned in such a way that the measures taken by the Oil Ministry in the field of research and technology development would be well presented, Kalantari-Asl said.

The first edition of the Petrotech Conference and Exhibition was held in November 2022.