Discussing new strategies to promote investment and developing relation in the meeting of CCPIT with ICCCI

A chinese business  delegation to iran consists  of  Vice President of CCPIT( China  Council for  the Promotion  of International Trade),  and some  authorities of  CCOIC’s  from provinces of Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Hubei  visited  ICCCI ‘s board members  on 9th of April, 2012  considered  the strategies  of increasing  cooperation particularly  in  investment  in both countries.

” 11 years ago  ICCCI  established and started its activity with only 200 members ,  up to now it  has received more  than 5000 members  who are active in  trade with Chinese  enterprises and during this 11 years  ICCCI has arranged  10 business delegation on various events & exhibitions  to  China and into Iran”  Asgaroladi  ,the president of ICCCI  said.

Asgaroladi  noted  that  the relation of both countries  is good and it is  everincreasing  and Iranian have always  participated  in different events and exhibitions  in China  and  the purpose of this meeting is to find new ways to increase close relation between both countries’ buyers, enterprises and suppliers and especially to find the opportunities for investment in both Iran and China.

He also appreciated the main role of  Chinese  Consolate of Economic & Commercial Counselor the Embassy of Peoples Republic of China in  developing  business relation and providing  necessary information for both countries.

” but there are some difficulties  Iranian traders faced recently, one of them is banking problems such as the exchange of goods with  the currencies of two countries and  the transfer of currency of both  countries” President of ICCCI continued. He requested   CCPIT and  the banks of both countries  to  solve  the current problem  and  facilitate the currency transferring.

He also added:” recently  ICCCI receives  more complains  from  members  about Chinese companies‘ violation in sending goods to Iran , and usually the goods  relieved in Iran contradicted the ordered goods”.

Zhang Wei, Vice President  of  CCPIT  thanking  cooperation  with ICCCI, stated  that the main purpose of the meeting  was to increase business volume  with Iran however  the relation  had increased  at  a fast pace in recent  years as  the business volume  was  about  US $45 billion in 2011.

Vice Presiden of CCPIT  noted  that  attending  exhibition and participating  business events in both countries  is the key factor  to show  capabilities of both parts and to find  investment  opportunities in both countries.

Bu Xiaolin , Vice President of People’s Government of  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of  China  giving  a short introduction about Inner Mongolia  announced  that Iran  is Inner Mongolia’s   6th largest  partner in  the Middle east  and  the business volume is now  about US$ 14 million . she hoped   that  the trade relation of this area with Iran would be  developed in near future.

“ there are some  problem  in business  for Iranian traders  of which is banking issue , banking  transfer to china however, there are   high  possibilities and capabilities  as this country is a large market “,Mr. Wang  Liping,  Chinese  Consolate  of  Economic & Commercial Counselor  referring  to Iran’ government  circulars  in export & import  explained.

having  solved  the current problems the  business exchange  between two countries would be increased ”  ,He hoped .

” the cooperation among    chambers of commerce  of  two countries will  increase  business relations  and we request  everincreasing  arrangements and cooperations   from both countries chambers  in particular ICCCI” Wang Liping  continued.

At the end of this  meeting a MOU  was  signed  between ICCCI  and CCOIC  of Jilin province.