Iran National Economy Day will be held on 10th June in Shanghai

Xinhuan news- Our journalist learnt that Iran National Economic Day organized by Iran-China Chamber of Commerce will be held on 10th July,2010. At the occasion, a business delegation of 50 people from Iran and 200 Chinese enterprise representatives will attend the meeting. In recent years, trade between China and Iran developed rapidly. Iran-China trade volume has surmounted 30billion.Furthermore, Iran-China Chamber of Commerce Representative Office in Shanghai will urge Iranian enterprise and Shanghai enterprise to go for a further communication and comprehension, meanwhile, to strengthen and consolidate the trade and economic relationship between China and Iran.
The executive director of Iran-China chamber of commerce representative office in Shanghai, Mr. Babak Besharti said “Through this Iran National Economic Day, we wish to attract more Chinese enterprises to invest in Iran and at the same time to  promote the bilateral trade cooperative relationship. Our Iran-China chamber of commerce will invite 2 Chinese VIP to deliver speeches on the meeting”
Mr. Babak Besharti asserted that Shanghai Expo attracted wide attention all over the world, at the meantime; it also displayed Iran’s charm and promoted China-Iran trade. On the second floor of Iran pavilion in Expo Park, there is a commercial center organized by Iran-China Chamber of Commerce which displayed a lot of carpets and handicrafts.11th July is Iranian Day in Shanghai Expo, the purpose for holding the Iran National Economic Day focuses more on making Chinese people realize more about Iranian culture and economy through the platform of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce.