Iran’s medicinal herbs exports exceed $600mn

Official figures indicate that the value of the exports of medicinal plants and herbal herbs have exceeded 660 million dollars in recent years.

More than 8,000 different types of plants grow in Iran, about 450 species of which are medicinal plants whose exports can generate lots of income for the country. 

Iran is a country capable of cultivating and producing medicinal plants dure to its favored climate conditions. The great progress of Iranians in the production of these products lays the ground for generating lots of revenues in the country’s economy.

According to the available statistics, currently, about 90% of medicinal plants are produced within the country. 

Available official reports indicate that the value of the official export of medicinal plants and herbal and traditional products in 2012 was about 350 million dollars, and this figure has reached more than 660 million dollars in recent years. The total value of exports excluding saffron is also estimated at 370 million dollars. 

Medical Plants and Traditional Medicine Sciences and Technologies Development Headquarters of Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and Knowledge-based Economy, as one of the leading institutions in this industry, has made necessary planning in cooperation with other effective institutions in this field in order to expand scientific and technological cooperation at the international level and to provide more opportunities for exporting products to other countries.